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Area nature

Walk to Behmshöhe
Nemerower wood on 02.09.2016 Neubrandenburg
Walk on the Wendenkönig in Wustrow / city Penzlin on 09/02/2016Foundling  Seedorf
city Demmin
Foundling Kittendorf B198Foundling Neuenkirchen  
at Neubrandenburg
Foundling in the
Warener Chaussee
in Penzlin
Area churches  Church Blankensee 2016 Rest home Borwinheim NeustrelitzJewish Cemetery Old Strelitz
city Neustrelitz
New Apostolic Church
Church of Saints Peter and Paul TeterowChurch Groß Wokern
Church Groß Markow
municipality Lelkendorf
Church Hohen Mistorf
Community Alt Sührkow
Church Neukalen 2016
Chapel Retzow
city Malchin
Roman Catholic Church
Church Finkenthal
at Gnoien
Church JördenstorfRoman Catholic chapel
"Immaculate Mary"
Evangelical Church
Roman Catholic chapel
Church ThürkowChurch Groß Luckow
City Penzlin 2016
Organ dedication in
Groß Luckow on 17/04/2016
Church Teschendorf
City Burg Stargard
Church Vielist community Grabowhöfe
Parade on the occasion
the 750th birthday
Church Ankershagen
on 30.04.2016
Festive service on the occasion
the 750th birthday
Church Ankershagen
on 05/01/2016
local community
Feldberger Seenlandschaft
Roman Catholic Church Feldberg  Feldberg LakesAscension of Christ
Regional service Mölln
on 05/05/2016
Hohen Wangelin 2016
Kirch Grubenhagen 2016
Church Lütgendorf
Church Jabel 2016
Church Sommerstorf 2016Church Vielist 2016Bell cemetery Neuendorf
community Wulkenzin
Special service to
20 anniversary of the Friends of Church parish Grubenhagen on 24/07/2016
Summer worship
the parish Ankershagen-Möllenhagen
on 24/07/2016 in Bocksee
Church Kargow 2016
Summer worship
the parish Ankershagen - Möllenhagen
on 21.08..2016 in Kraase
Church Sommersdorf on the lake Kummerower See in 2016
Church Wolkwitz
Municipality Borrentin 2016
Church Meesiger
at  Demmin 2016
Church Volksdorf
Municipality Nossendorf
Sankt Marien-Church
Nossendorf at Demmin
Church  Medrow
Municipality Nossendorf
Church Hohenmocker
Church Ückeritz
municipality Kletzin
Church Kletzin
at Demmin
Church Alt Pestlin
(Old Pestlin)
municipality Bentzin
Church Borgfeld 2016Bell Seedorf
city Demmin
Church Deven
city Demmin
Martinchapel Toitz
municipality Nossendorf
Church Wotenick
city Demmin
Church Meesinger
Church and Mausoleum
Pension municipality Kletzin
Church Vanselow
municipality Siedenbrünzow
Church Siedenbrünzow
Baptismal service in Rumpshagen
after the painting work
on 25/09/2016
Church Groß Varchow
Rededication and
harvest festival/ Thanksgiving

on 10/02/2016 in
Groß Varchow
Church Teschendorf
City Burg Stargard
Church Neuenkirchen
at Neubrandenburg
Freelance church community Neustrelitz (Baptists)
Church Glocksin 2016Worship on the Reformation Day on 31.10.2016 in IvenackChurch Ihlenfeld
municipality Neuenkirchen
Church Trollenhagen 2016
Area building The new city hall Demmin Market Neustrelitz
Old and New Market
Waren / Müritz
Wrought Burg Schlitz
Municipality Hohen-Demzin
The market of Teterow
Distr. Rostock
Observation tower
 "Behmshöhe" Neubrandenburg
City Hall and Market
Wrought Rothenmoor
municipality Dahmen
Droste house Dargun
Manor Ruin Rey
municipality Altkalen
Castle and Monastery Dargun 2016Old  Customs House Feldberg
Feldberger  Lakelands
Memorial stone I.Weltkrieg
Brudersdorf / town Dargun
Castle wall Hinrichshagen
city Woldegk
Manor Kittendorf and park
Wrought Speck
municipality Kargow
Manor Louisenfeld
Municipality Grabowhöfe 

Manor of Sommersdorf
at the  Kummerower Se
Castle and monastery DargunManor Warrenzin at DemminFarmhouse Upost
municipality Warrenzin
Mausoleum Pieverstorf
municipality Kratzeburg
Manor House Verchen
at Demmin
Manor Vanselow
municipality Siedenbrünzow
Manor Glocksin
Community of Neverin
Fire-department-house Ihlenfeld 
Municipality of Neuenkirchen
Ruin of the sheep
"New mill"
Ankershagen on the
salt road
Grange Speck
municipality of Kargow
Area monuments Grave mound Zahren
City Penzlin
Boundary post Göhren
City Woldegk
Homes on the street in the district
Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
Lonely stone
in Röbel. Who am I ?
Hunting stones between
Waren/Papenberg and Federow
Grave mound at
of the gravel pit Kargow
Landmark Sapshagen
municipality Klocksin
Rampart  the city Woldegk Powder Tower and
gate Louise Demmin
Mound grave "Grosser Geldberg"
by Klein Vielen
Mound grave "Kleiner Geldberg "
by  Adamsdorf
Memorial obelisk 1870
in Alt-Strelitz / city Neustrelitz
Zero the milestones
market Neustrelitz
Signpost stone Burg Schlitz
Municipality Hohen-Demzin
Welcome Obelisk
in Burg Schlitz
Municipality Hohen-Demzin
The way Obelisk and
the broken milestone
in Hohen-Demzin County Rostock
Milestone in Grambzow
Municipality Hohen-Demzin B108
Rostock and Malchiner gead
in Teterow distr. Rostock
Monument on
Madder plant  (Krappmühle)
in Neubrandenburg
Nemerower wood Neubrandenburg
Grave mound group
in Kastorf municipality Hohen Demzin
Walking stick Monument
at Burg Schlitz / Kastorf
Municipality Hohen Demzin
Ruin on the B108 at Kastorf / Municipality Hohen Demzin
Two-way column on branch Kastorf
Municipality Hohen Demzin
Memorial obelisk in Sommerstorf community GrabowhöfeMemorial stone at
Ida R. Schaumburg Lippe at Kastorf  Municipality Hohen Demzin
Stone on the way in
Hohen Demzin
to Nienhagen
Milestone between
Alt Sührkow and Groß Markow
Half milestone
at Kämmerich
Municipality Altkalen L201
Milestone in Gülitz
City Malchin at the L 20
Restored milestone Mittelhof Kittendorf 2016Memorial stone in Neukalen
at the market stand at 01.02.1762
Stone on the way Hallalit
Municipality Vollrathsruhe
after Langenhagen
Milestone and
Municipality Hohen Demzin
Stone at the way  Moltzow
 Old Plauer country road 
"Alte Plauer Landstraße"
Half milestones in Pisede
city Malchin
Memorial stone
Hagensruhm city Malchin
Mill Neukalen
Half mile Obelisk
Wagun-Schwarzenhof L 20
city Dargun
Full milestone
New Pannekow L20
municipality Altkalen
Half mile Obelisk
City Gnoien L201
Small Obelisk
in Gnoien - East B110
Small Obelisk
at Finkenthal B110
Memorial obelisk
Dargun I.Weltkrieg
War memorial
Dargun Friedensplatz
Quite miles Obelisk
in Sukow-Marienhof L23
Small Obelisk Thürkow
Memorial Obelisk Jürgenstorf
distr Rostock
Memorial stone war
Brudersdorf / town Dargun
Memorial stone for
the victims of persecution in Levin / town Dargun
Memorial Obelisk war
in Levin / town Dargun
Big round milestone
in Rowa / community Holldorf MST 25
Memorial stone I. War of the World
in Fürstenhagen
local community
Feldberger Seenlandschaft
Memorial stone war
Memorial stone war
Hohen Wangelin
Memorial Soviet soldiers
1941-1945 in Penzlin
Native stone PenzlinSurveying Stone/
Stone on the way
Siehdichum city Penzlin
Surveying stone at the Obelisk
in Penzlin
Three graves of
Polish Workers under duress
cemetery Kargow
at Gross Dratow
Memorial cross
in Groß Vielen
city Penzlin
Memorial stone
Land consolidation method
Summer village on  Kummerower See
Megalithic grave
in the forest of Hallalit
Municipality Vollrathsruhe
Memorial stones Medrow
Municipality Nossendorf
Tower hill outside Wall Medrow community NossendorfMilestones and
Stones on the way
to Medrow

Municipality Nossendorf L27
Milestone  and stone on the way
Nossendorf-Ausbau L27
Small Obelisk Wotenick
City Demmin L27
Stone at the  roadside
municipality Utzedel
Stone on the way  at Alt Plestlin
(Old Plestlin) at the DM24
Memorial stone
country consolidation method
in Warrenzin
Small obelisk
to castlerampart Dargun B110
Small obelisk
house for Droste
Dargun B110
Small Obelisk
at the entrance of Deven
City Demmin on the B110
Stone on way  at the roundabout
bridge over the Peene Demmin
L27 / B194
Small Obelisk between
Zarnekow and Remershof on the B110
Stone on way Wotenick
City Demmin at the L27
Grave cross 1945
Cemetery Ankershagen
Monument Verchen at DemminStone on way Vanselow
municipality Siedenbrünzow
War grave in Neuenkirchen
at Neubrandenburg
Settler's Stone in Hartwigsdorf
municipality of Klein Vielen
War grave in Ihlenfeld
Municipality of Neuenkirchen
Summer lane in Speck
 municipality of Kargow
Area places Neustrelitz 2016 Teterow,
the Bergring city
Neubrandenburg 2016
Peene-city Neukalen
Area culturePath of sculptures
Municipality Hohen Demzin
Walpurgis Penzlin

Celebrate the end of serfdom in Penzlin on 23/07/2016
Müritz Saga 2016
on the outdoor stage at Mühlenberg
Today Agroneum
Alt  Schwerin (Old Schwerin)
Battleground on 29.10.2016
In Alt Schwerin
The Interestsclub "Aeronautics"
In Neuenkirchen near Neubrandenburg
Area poetry
Straw dolls Straw dolls to 2008
 Straw dolls from 2009