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We welcome you on our homepage of the "Dorfkirche Ankershagen".

The Association for the Rescue of the Village Church Ankershagen    Was founded on 01.05.2012.
According to its statutes, the support association exclusively supports the evangelical-lutheran church community Ankershagen.
During the restoration and restoration of the village church, more than 750 years old.
It is recognized as non-profit for tax purposes.
The structural deterioration of the church, which was severely worsened by reunification,
could be halted thanks to the activities of the association.

On 1 May 2016, the Friends and the church community celebrated In a worship
service the church Ankershagen.
The preaching was held by Bishop Dr. Andreas von Maltzahn.
The valuable Lütkemüller organ from the year 1874 became already restored in 1996.
The municipality of Ankershagen has also made a significant contribution.

The Förderverein will persistently continue to rely on private initiatives and appeal to regional friends and supporters, because the church community can provide the necessary
funds for the preservation and further restoration of the church
  But is entirely dependent on donations.

The salvation of this church serves the important task of strengthening
the people in the village community in their Christian faith.
The preservation of a memorial is an important part of Mecklenburg's history of history and culture.

We would like to ask you to participate in these tasks with a donation.

The Board


Ceiling fresco

Fresco: castle Ankershagen

und Kanzel
Fresco:: crucifixion scene,
Saint George kills the dragon

Triumphal Cross

Baroque door


Jesus head north side