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CDU in opposition: Teufelszeug Ecotax
CDU election campaign: Perhaps we are creating the environmental tax is not from the same.
CDU at the POWER: green tax plus 3% tax.

Dr. Richard Lutz, there was a train to Mainz on time (k) in August 2018, no train stops in Kargow you can forget the southern train.
No bridge spans the Tiefwarensee it wants the Warener, but not the government in Schwerin!
The shortest is not always the best way!

Who is mister März (March)?
The one with the drink coasters!

Did Dus noticed that Merkel, you protects the two-class society patients.
Luckily the worms do not care

Merkel: I may have to Bayer but to very annoyed?
             Not so, the Pauli was even better!

Here the diluent comes from Bavaria for health care reform

In the Chicken Coop a rooster is boss and creates order
from the CDU / CSU is a hen head and what comes out?

This chickens Gockel
Love CDU Merkel You have no idea of the health and the bureaucracy
Mistet this will only make the save.
Your Merkelt not yet what is wrong.


Immigration laws away with it

Here are our "democratic" laissez-passer in the Landtag of Saxony and Brandenburg now for the 2nd time in MVP. And elsewhere?

I am the beautiful Gysi, Gregor and am a TV star
You're beautiful, Oskar!
Hooray Christian allowed to Saxony, shit kicked in MVP, Saarland, Bavaria and the Bundestag.

4.8% for the FDP in the general election
the voter has only the comma misplaced.
FDP -> you have the hive prevented and are to blame for the demise of the Schlecker women. Billion for the banks nothing for the people !!
Yes, yes, the FDP did four years the people hurt on election day tzaten people the FDP hurt by not chose this!
Politics is like a duck waddling always, always the banking lobby heeding
instead of flying!


I am the 10% - spook for the Popular Party SPD.
In Saxony I am all here!
Mr. Finance Minister Schaeuble that was making the formula for money.
Hex, Hex.
I'm sorry, Mr Schäuble, I can not.
Mrs. Nahles  is not the chart on the entries in the SPD
but it is the entrance into the new left.
Gabriel conjures the new voters for the SPD
Open finally the hat.
Mrs Merkel
you want to have my horse for your policy?
Plays Seehofer, the trip to Moscow?
Why then ?
The perfection is only a part of the imperfection!

Tomorrow is your release from the hospital!
Here you get a deck certificate.
Drugs you get from a specialist,
(Full complains of you and thereby earned) which you pay 10 euros,
for Twofer Notrezept,
sends you to the starched practitioner and there is your sun slip converts to a medical card.

Doctor a question, Germany's health care system is ill?

I'm the social services and the employment office (ARGE) and look their assets.
I'm sorry, I can not open yesterday I added my last shirt.
6000 Steps You may in Hamburg every day before the elections make the ABM!
A slain official of the ARGE - schemes to Hartz 4
The unsuspecting and too late coming unions
the unemployed really forget.
Trump "With the lasso against the world"
Pisa na and,
politicians dominate but not the spelling reform.
Is this Germany?
Then I hide rather be back in the egg.
You disabled in MVP I'll pull every tooth,
believing to find a job.
I have to sell you, the politicians want I abschmelze my fortune.
And, from discharging the newspapers the politicians want to take away almost everything me!
And because my single mom Hartz 4 gets get my little brother
no welcome money in Neustrelitz.
Unemployment benefit II comes with lumbar Shorts's to the employment office, ARGE, social services office.
Unemployment benefits, the policy washes the long-term unemployed into illegality
or in poverty. And the work is washed away.
Open your mouth wide, and I have seen only in your Portmonaise
Our Recipe, taxes, taxes, taxes on people.
And the people pretend equitable tax burden!
The wrong prescription of the Greens?
ALG2 work for civil servants, bureaucrats and lawyers!
Politicians are like thieves who steal from the people.
Meyer, Ahrens and who else!
Politicians are like ostriches, we, in reality you are stuck
but keep your head in the sand while the lobbyists for the hand on ..
The worm is in Germany there.
A worm ? ....
The parties, here you go long!
Who makes the economy broken?
we Na politicians! !
Vodafone because it is the tax loophole.
We poor bastards,
every week we are chased by the politicians through the village.
Mr Ahrens, of course, you get your content on,
for I put 10 workers freely.
Do not be afraid, I'm official, and let no politicians fall,
if you give me work, politicians
Mrs. May, our coffers are empty,
We want to emigrate to Sweden,
there are municipal tax on the wage bill.
Are you eco?
No ecologically irradiated and genetically altered ecologically.
A cigarette shortens the life of the worms in the coffin
Dad, I'm a vulture for Germany?
No, you're too good for Germany,
there must really tough going!
I am the job creators for municipal activities.

So away with the bottle!
And a sense of achievement for the 1-Euro-Aufräumer created!
When I grow up, I play the tune and not as politicians the last.

German bank chief: I speak the Merkel and am
against all political control.
I order take away my power.
What the citizens of controlling me, I do not want to!
I am the best employees in the ARGE merchandise!

I check first whether the public already has a communication.
Then I delete the old communication,
share this with the public!
The citizen receives a new decision.
The other officials are probably overwhelmed!
Weise: The Serpent of unemployment
can by the weather not be tamed.
ARGE (N) are bad problems.
The recruitment agencies are senseless,
the nines self come back.
Where it still works?
Weine nicht Gerhard !
Dein Freund Putin hat einen Job für Dich!

The Structural Analysis of Hexenhaus
regularly even after the takeover
checked by my warlock!

I'm not as stupid as the train, with me can come the next hurricane!